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Ascot Centre Consultation

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Ascot Centre Consultation

Consultation update

25 Apr 2017

Following on from our public consultation in December, we recently held a series of workshops so that invited stakeholders and local groups / neighbouring residents could engage with our team and contribute towards our emerging Development Brief for Ascot Centre. We held three workshops, one on community facilities and open space, one housing, and one on improving the High Street and helping to make the local transport system work better for local residents.

The workshops were very successful and have given us some real insights in how the local residents would like Ascot to look and feel. Our team are currently working on incorporating these positive ideas into the emerging Development Brief, which will guide a future planning application.

Some design ideas from the workshops that we are looking to incorporate in the Development Brief include reflecting Ascot’s Victorian red brick heritage in the new houses, as well as working to bring to life ideas for the community hub. We are also working on making the High Street safer, and less congested.

We will be engaging again with the local community further later in the year. This is all part of a process that will culminate with submitting our draft Development Brief to the Council. 

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